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What is White Label Dating?
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What is White Label Dating?


Let’s start with the meaning of “white label” or “white label product” Imagine a white label on a package that can be filled in with your brand or name. In the package is a product made by another company, it can be a DVD player, T-Shirt or a dating site. When you write your name on the white label you re-brand the product.

White label products are everywhere, if you go down in your local supermarket, you can probally find a lot of products, some shops have their own brand, but they didn’t make the product, they  hired another company for that and put their label on it.

How it’s works

It is very common practice in the dating industry that many dating sites share the same database, let’s say that you register at a site named BigDogLovers and you write with a person who signed up at site named UltraBigDogLovers, you would not noticed that the person you write with is writing from another site, with another name or more correct, entering the site from another landing page on another domain name.

From my perspective, shared databasses between dating sites with the same subject /concept is a good thing, that gives the members the opportunity to be seen on many sites and higher the chances to meet someone.

Your job as a white label marketeer

Your main task as a white label marketeer, is to build up brands / concepts. Write good content, build up good landing pages and create awareness using ads and social media.

Being a marketeer is a freelancer job, you are your own boss.



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