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Best Dating Software & Scripts
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Best Dating Software & Scripts


There is 3 ways of creating a dating site, you can make a white label dating site, use a dating software / CMS or you can program a dating site yourself. The last option ofcourse requires good programming skills and a lot of time.

List of the best dating software & Scripts, random order.




vldPersonals – Link


Joomla & JomSocial
My third dating site was a Joomla site with the JomSocial plugin, it was when JomSocial was very new and I often had problems with it. Today I would go for PeepSo and WordPress.

WordPress & BuddyPres + Sweet Date Theme ($57)

I have very good experience using WordPress as dating site, with BuddyPress and the Sweet Date Theme. WordPress is for free and the template only cost $57


WordPress & PeepSo (FREE)

The PeepSo Foundation is 100% free and then you can choose what plugins you need, the location, Moods and Tags plugins is also for free. I like the idea that you can extend your site when you need it.

You can extend PeepSo with many features, like Friends, Photos, Videos, Groups, Chat, Targeted Ads, Extended profiles, BlogPosts, Reactions and more.


WpDating – WordPress Dating Plugin

Boonex Dolphin Pro

Boonex – Dolphin Pro.



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