White Label Dating

White Label Dating

How I started in the dating business.

Getting the idea
One day in 2008 I was reading about naturists in my local newspaper and that gave me the idea to create a dating site for naturists. A place where naturists could meet and date, the idea to my first dating site was born and the name were pretty straight forward, I called it Naturist Dating! I remeber the first time I saw the site online, with my new logo “Naturist Dating” shining in red and green colors. I was thinking, what have I created?

I am not a naturist! I dont know anything about naturists! Yes, I know they mostly are naked and that is pretty much all I know. The site was the first naturist dating site in my country and I got fast a lot of members.

Also on a personal level it was a challenge to be a owner of a website full of nude people, what it litterally is, What will my grandmother think?,  what will my friends think? But the more I researched and learned about naturism, it was very different than I had imagened. Naturism is almost a anti sexual culture. Being a naked naturist has nothing to do with sex, its about the freedom of being nude. Not said that naturist dont have sex, so I also allowed adult dating on my site.

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Creating the dating site
But how do I make a dating site? as a total newbie, I had to do a lot of research and stumpled over the free matchmaking script; osDate dating. I was okay simple to install and use osDate. Today osDate is very outdated and I do not recommend to use it.

A ton of work
But maintaning a dating site, approving and deleting unwanted pictures fast became a daily burden.
I had newer thought that so many men would upload so many awfull pictures of their private parts! Some male members clearly had misunderstod the concept of naturism and that gave me a LOT of work.

White Label Dating
After running the site for some years and I had enough of approving and deleting members, pictures and fixing errors on the site. So much work and no money on my account, I started to search for a better dating solution, a cms with more functions, better layout and more user friendly.

One day my search came up with the words, White Label Dating, something I never heard of, in the beginning I was skeptic, but in August 2012, after four years of running my dating site on my own, I took the decision to shut it down and and turned it into a white label dating site. I noticed my members two weeks before and I lost many members in the beginning, going from a 100% free site to payment site was a big change. But after a few days, I started to earn money on my site, for the first time ever. That was big! After four years of work I finally got a paycheck!

Why White Label Dating?
The answer is simple, as a one man project, I don’t have the resources or knowledge to build a top notch dating site that meets today standards. With white label dating you have a whole team behind you. You don’t need to think about members, back end problems, site errors, hacking and so on. You focus area is to build your own concept, finding your niche,

Follow your dreams or?
It was never my dream to make a dating site, but I have always loved to create websites and get my ideas out online.
Today after nine years with building up dating sites and creating concepts I feel that I am at the right place. it’s a job I can work with from anywhere in the world, I just need my laptop or smartphone and I am at work, it don’t get much better than that!

Over the years I got a lot of positive feedback, but also some negative feedback, from this I learned,
that there will always be someone who dont like what you are doing, either they got deleted from your site, are jalous or a competitioner. Negative feedback is not worth anything, but constructive feedback is!

Remember, nothing comes from nothing.
Do you want money on your account, then you need to work for them! 

Michael M
Dating site owner